Once again, Covid-19 free

After four PCR tests, our family always tested negative for Covid-19. The checks are always carried out because our neighbors or office friends who have never had direct contact with us are exposed to Covid-19.

Before carrying out these four tests, I had a strong belief that our family was Covid-19 free. Because, apart from showing no symptoms, we used to wear masks when we met people outside the home.

But this time is different, the test I’m going to take makes me worry.

My daughter has a close friend, her name is Zahra. My daughter always invites Zahra to play at home. At home, we usually don’t wear masks.

Zahra is the daughter of my neighbor and also my colleague. Her father always looked healthy and also when we took Zahra to play at home, her father only 3 days ago did an examination with non-reactive Covid results. Previously, this family often did PCR tests and the results were always negative.

Even though he tested negative, Zahra’s father was suspicious, because it had been more than a week that the cough had not gone away, the throat was sore, the body felt weak, and he vomited.

I told Zahra’s father, I had coughs and a sore throat a few weeks ago and now it’s healed. I informed him that I was taking regular cough medicine to treat it. The cough was likely due to the bad air quality lately. Incidentally, at that time the Air Quality Index showed a level of 300-500 (very poor-hazardous).

There are symptoms that I have never felt like someone affected by Covid, namely that I have never lost my smell and my body is always fresh and strong.

Then, the father went back to the doctor. This time it was fully examined. Blood and X-Ray. A picture of the lungs was found which indicated that this man had pneumonia. The doctor who examined stated that there was a possibility that Zahra’s father had Covid-19.

Upon returning from the doctor, Zahra’s father took Zahra and her mother for a PCR examination. After one day the results came out.

Zahra’s Mom: non-reactive, Zahra: positive without symptoms.

One settlement was shocked. The one who worries most is of course my wife.

Three days ago my daughter played with Zahra. They played at my house, running through almost all the rooms. Not only they did not wear masks, but they may also eat and drink together.

This means that it was very likely that my family was exposed to the virus. Moreover, my daughter was coughing for a few days. The worry is growing.

Three days after we heard the information that Zahra was positive for Covid, I decided to check my family even though we didn’t feel any symptoms, except, for my daughter. She got a cough but it disappeared three days later after drinking the cough syrup that we always stock.

And, finally, the results came out too. Thank God again, we received the non-reactive Covid-19 certificate.

Our family remains healthy, as well as Zahra. The girl also did not develop any symptoms until two weeks later. We don’t allow the two girls to play together until it is totally safe. We do this to protect each other.

From the above and previous experiences. I suspect that the Covid-19 virus is still shrouded in many mysteries.

As a man who has no background in health or medicine. I frankly question the validity of the doctors’ laboratories, test kits, and analysis. How could the PCR tester not detect Covid-19 against Zahra’s symptomatic father. And why did the PCR tool even detect positive Zahra who was not showing symptoms?

Moreover, my family was all tested negative and showed no symptoms like those experienced by Covid-19 sufferers in general. Even though we intensely met Zahra, not only interacting without a mask but eating and drinking together, my family is still free from the virus.

However, instead of continuing to question that, there is something I believe to be true, namely “it’s better to be vigilant”

Because one thing that cannot be denied is that many people have died from this disease.

For this reason, I always adhere to the classic preventive parameters that are easy, cheap, and proven to be effective.

Wear a mask, keep your distance, and always maintain and increase immunity.

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